HTTP Extensions

Dispatch Rules

Dispatch rules are convinient way of redirecting callback for a specific request pattern to a custom methods inside your application. A dispatch rule consists of following 4 match information:

  • $callback

    reference to a method that will be callback’d when a matching request is received

  • $pattern

    a regular expression for matching on url path

  • $methods

    (optional) if not specified rule will match for all HTTP Methods. if specified, must be an array of HTTP Method in uppercase.

  • $extra

    (reserved) this is for future where we will allow matching on headers, session, cookies etc.

Below are a few examples of dispatch rules:

$index = array('serve_index_page', '^/');
$upload_form = array('serve_upload_form', '^/upload', array('GET'));
$upload_handler = array('handle_upload_form', '^/upload', array('POST'));

Some REST CRUD dispatch rules:

$event_create = array('create_event', '^/event/create/$', array('PUT'));
$event_read = array('read_event', '^/event/(?P<pk>\d+)/$', array('GET', 'HEAD'));
$event_update = array('update_event', '^/event/(?P<pk>\d+)/$', array('POST'));
$event_delete = array('delete_event', '^/event/(?P<pk>\d+)/$', array('DELETE'));

Finally don’t forget to active these dispatch rules by doing:

$rules = array($index, $upload_form, $upload_handler, $event_create, $event_read, $event_update, $event_delete);